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Premium Clothing Care - 

A Personal Investment


Dry cleaning can mean just about anything. Many cleaners have their clients settle for the minimum. We don't settle for anything less than the very best we know to do. We employ the latest technologies in the industry and some of the most experienced technicians to give your wardrobe care beyond what many expect.


Every item is inspected twice before cleaning, twice during processing, and twice after finishing. Multiple inspections insure that your items arrive back to you in the best condition possible. Numerous high definition video cameras track your garment's progress through our plant. Every item is  barcoded and we maintain a history of every step of every cleaning.


Customer orders are assembled by the latest in clothes sorting technology and then arranged in the plant in the precise order of delivery, insuring that what's yours always comes back to you. We use a unique rolling trolley system both in the plant and in the vans so orders always stay together and in delivery order. The drivers recount and recheck every order at your home to further insure accuracy.